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Solutions for Your Concrete Floor

Beltran Concrete Solutions wants to help you achieve the maximum quality out of your concrete floor. We specialize in Concrete Grinding and Polishing as well as Seamless Epoxy Floor Systems. These tried and true methods help to bring out the full potential of any concrete floor by providing a durable yet pleasing to look at surface that can be beneficial in a Commercial or Residential setting.

If you have questions or aren't sure that these methods are for you, we offer free estimates and consultation - just give us a call at (419) 913-6323 to get started!

Our Services

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is an innovative and economical process that is also environmentally friendly. It is achieved by mechanically grinding and polishing concrete utilizing industrial diamonds & impregnating hardeners. it is durable enough for forklift traffic, manufacturing and even aircraft hangars, it is dust free, and also provides a beautiful and reflective finish.

Benefits of Concrete Polishing:

Improves Overall Safety: Reduces amount of airborne silica which can not only damage your equipment but cause irritation in the eye, nose, throat, and respiratory system. Also great reduces the risk of falls due to slipping.

Reduces Maintenance Costs: Makes floors more durable by transforming porous concrete into a denser surface. Floors no longer need to be waxed or stripped and old, deteriorating concrete is strengthened by increasing impact and abrasion resistance. Can also help reduce tire marks caused by fork lifts, trucks, and other industrial vehicles.

Long Lasting: With the proper care and maintenance, your polished concrete floors will outlast most other flooring solutions on the market.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a term that refers a class of materials and the act of using those materials. The term Epoxy “systems” is based on a combination of resins and hardeners. When they are mixed together, the resin and hardener chemically react to form a rigid plastic material. The final material is durable, resistant, and will bond extremely well to most base layers. Epoxy floors are very strong and are often used in heavy traffic areas such as industrial environments, hospitals, or sports facilities.

Some popular Epoxy Systems are:

Self-Leveling Epoxy Floors:Applied over new, old, cracked, or damaged concrete floors to create a smooth, seamless, durable, and low maintenance flooring surface. Also available in a variety of colors. Colors are used to make decorative designs, denote traffic patterns, or highlight work zones in industrial settings. This system is used when you need aesthetic appeal and/or abrasion, chemical, heat or slip resistance.

Epoxy Mortar Floors: This is the strongest epoxy floor system available. A high-build, seamless system that is made with 100% solid epoxy and graded sand or quartz sand and then troweled into place. Mortar systems are highly impact and chemical-resistant. This system is also effective in repairing old floors because of its high-build process.

Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors Quartz epoxy flooring systems combine high-performance epoxy polymer resin with colored quartz grains. The result is a multi-functional floor that’s decorative, sanitary, slip-resistant, and exceptionally durable.

Latest Concrete Polishing Jobs

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Concrete Polishing and Epoxy Flooring work extremely well in either a commercial or residential environment. There are advantages in both scenarios where either method can make a big difference in the maintenance and longevity of your flooring.


Gives you a durable and long lasting floor that can stand up to the high traffic and constant wear of an industrial setting or help maintain a modern, sleek, and pleasing aesthetic that adds a unique shine to any retail setting.

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Provides an economical solution that will give the floors in your home a durable, easy to clean surface that will not only last many years but gives your living space a unique, pleasing to look at aesthetic.

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